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 About Owner Finance Homes

Owner Finance Homes is a limited liability corporation that was incorporated under the laws of Texas.

Our purpose is to help individuals struggling with their mortgage payments to alleviate the strain and stress that results from not being able to afford their home. Partnering with the homeowner, we work to generate creative solutions that provide the most attractive solution possible for the homeowner. Our goal is always to preserve their credit ratings as much as possible, eliminate the financial burden of an unaffordable mortgage, and give them the gift of freedom from this unmanageable liability.

We also work to provide affordable housing for those individuals and families that can afford them. Currently the major financial institutions in the US have tightened their lending criteria such that very few people can qualify for a mortgage loan. This has left the majority of the people who strongly desire to buy a house out in the cold. The only alternative left to those folks is to rent and do so in a market that has record high rental rates. Instead of investing into their family’s future, these good people are throwing their money away renting. We are offering an alternative. We sell high-quality houses at affordable prices to those with good credit who can afford the house. We feel proud when we can work with an individual or family and have them realize the American dream to won their own home..

Our company is staffed with trained and experienced real estate investors with an extensive background in business, finance, and home ownership. We bring all these to bear to offer the most humane, cost-effective, creative solution, so everyone wins in every transaction.

Our promise to the public is to:

  • Operate in absolute integrity and demonstrate unwavering honesty in every situation
  • Offer the best solution possible for our clients in every situation and circumstance
  • Always seek out the best win-win for all parties in any transaction
  • Provide unreasonably excellent customer service in all our business transactions
  • Strive to make a positive difference on the planet through all our words and actions, our business, as well as our community service



If at any time you feel these promises are not being kept, please call us at 972.302.9672 or write us at Grant@ofhdfw.com. You have our vow that we will work to resolve any issues you have to your complete satisfaction.

Contact Information

You may contact us by whatever means is most convenient for you.

Owner Finance Homes

2810 East Trinity Mills Road, Suite 209-271
Carrollton, Texas 75006
Phone Number: 972.302.9672

Facsimile Number: 972.692.7283

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Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for your dedication, hard work, and expertise that helped us quickly sell our home. In today’s tight economy, Owner Financed Homes provides the right marketing strategy to help sellers and buyers reach their goals.  The efforts and investment you put forth to position our home are sincerely appreciated.  What’s more, your integrity, sensitivity, positive outlook, and genuine caring sets you apart from any other real estate professional that we’ve been associated with over the past 30 years. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

Jim and Kris F

We can also be contacted on Thumbtack.com (a place to list services & give positive reviews) at our Avoid Foreclosure, Sell Your House, Buying a Home listing.