Are You Faced With Foreclosure?

Are you finding yourself in any of these situations?

  • You (or your spouse) have been laid off or lost your job
  • You are faced with medical bills you cannot afford
  • You cannot keep up with rising property taxes
  • Your income has been reduced and no longer supports your quality of life
  • Your expenses have increased and you cannot keep up
  • You are facing divorce
  • You are going into bankruptcy
  • You are struggling to make your mortgage payments
  • You have tried to modify your loan or have sought refinancing, but cannot seem to make it work
  • Your house is worth less than you currently owe
  • You are responsible for handling the property from an estate you inherited
  • Your work or the military requires you to move quickly and you cannot sell your current home fast enough
  • You are tired of being a landlord

Sometimes life just happens and we find ourselves stuck in a position with seemingly no way out. A myriad of reasons can contribute to why we might be struggling to make the mortgage payment each month, or why we are behind and unable to catch up.

You are not alone. Millions of Americans are in the same position as you, but at times like this it is natural to feel trapped, isolated, and imprisoned by your situation.

There are alternative solutions for your situation. Foreclosure is not your only option!

We can help.

Owner Finance Homes is a company dedicated to helping people avoid the damaging effects foreclosure has on your emotional well-being and your credit. We provide creative solutions to your mortgage problems that allow you to move on with peace and ease. You are not alone. We are here to help you. All it takes is one email or phone call. Contact us now.