Nice 2 Bedroom 1 Bath in Denison $134,900

This neat home in Denison is over a century old, yet is updated for todays living. Combine real hardwood floors with 2018 technology and you have this home. Recently updated wiring as well as new AC and remote thermostat control tell the whole story. A great home for empty nesters, a couple just starting out, or just you. Very nice condition throughout. The wraparound deck and large yard make it the perfect home to entertain on the weekends, whether it’s family or friends. The yard is finished off with 2 good size sheds at the back, great for storage or maybe the playhouse for the grandkids.

This home is just $134,900 and with your 10% down payment your monthly Pricipal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance is only $1250.00. Call Jackie at 972-521-1989 to discuss how this home can be yours in less than a month. Para Espanol. ITIN ok. Call 972-521-1979.

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Dueño a Dueño, ITIN Está Bien.

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For more information, please call Jackie at 972-521-1989 or Para Espanol 972.521.1979 or email us at Gene @OFHDFW.COM