Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with people, we help them achieve full freedom and richness in life.

Owner Finance Homes’ Mission Statement simply states: “Partnering with people, we help them achieve full freedom and richness in life.” We understand the value of partnerships; we understand we cannot achieve our goals of making a positive difference on this planet without the help and assistance and help of others.

Our commitment is that all who interact with Owner Finance Homes have their lives deeply enriched, financially and/or otherwise. We embrace the potential that arises when we work with other people, our efforts and intentions fully aligned on one common goal. One person can make a difference; two or more people can achieve exponentially greater results.

We have created the structures and facilities to partner in virtually every aspect of our organization. If you are interested in pursuing the goal of making this planet a better place, helping those who are struggling financially and suffering under the burden of a mortgage they can no longer afford, and providing high-quality homes at reasonable prices to others, then we welcome your involvement in our cause. Your efforts will be rewarded financially and with the sense of satisfaction that arises from helping others.

Here are some of the ways we envision collaborating with others in helping those who are struggling with their mortgages.

Real Estate Investment

Many times real estate investors find opportunities that either they do not have the resources (financial, contacts, etc.) or the experience to complete successfully. When this occurs at Owner Finance Homes, we welcome investors seeking the opportunity to collaborate with us, which will allow us to bring the resources and experience we possess to the table to work for the mutual success of the opportunity. If you have an investment opportunity and would like to consider partnering with us, please fill out the Real Estate Investment Partner Opportunity Questionnaire and we will contact you promptly.

Lead Generator

Some people prefer to participate in real estate investing without having to work every aspect of the deal. Those who enjoy locating potential properties and/or leads are welcome here. Owner Finance Homes pays commissions for locating potential investment opportunities for our company and referring potential buyers to us. As long as these leads result in either our purchasing the property and/or selling the property in our inventory, we will pay a healthy commission to those who locate these leads. Use our Real Estate Investment Opportunity Questionnaire to input your information, and one of our experienced investors will contact you shortly.

Real Estate Agent

We welcome licensed real estate agents who desire to work with Owner Finance Homes purchasing and/or selling properties. We are always searching for aggressive, effective real estate agents and/or brokers who can help us generate greater revenue in a timelier manner. Use our Real Estate Agent Questionnaire to input your information.

Financial Investor

As we’ve described, we welcome those desiring to provide financial assistance on our investment projects. Please see the information on this website under Investors, and if you are interested in participating, use the Investor Questionnaire to input your information.

Construction Contractor

Most of the properties we purchase require repairs and/or remodeling. We use several construction contractors to do this work. If you are interested in working on our company’s projects, use the Contractor Questionnaire to input your information, and we will you contact soon. Please be prepared to provide several references and to show examples of your company’s work firsthand.

Mortgage Brokers

Owner Finance Homes welcomes working with new mortgage brokers or mortgage originators. Our primary concern is that our clients are treated with the utmost respect and honor and that they are given the highest level of customer service for a fair and reasonable price. If you feel you can provide this level of service to our clients, use the Mortgage Broker Questionnaire to input your information, and one of our experienced investors will contact you shortly.

Learning Partner

We are always looking for talented people who desire to learn the real estate investment business, and offer several opportunities to help educate and train new real estate investors. We welcome people who are:

  • Willing and able to make the financial investment in their education
  • Willing to learn and follow instructions
  • Willing to ask what they do not know
  • Willing to communicate with their mentor
  • Willing to be constantly in action
  • Willing to learn from their mistakes and not get discouraged at the first or second or even third failure
  • Willing to take absolute responsibility for their success
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to be successful

If you believe this field is something you are called to do, use the Learning Partner Questionnaire to input your information.

Creative Partnership Opportunities

Owner Finance Homes recognizes that these partnership opportunities do not cover all possibilities. If you have an opportunity for partnership that you would like Owner Finance Homes to consider, please use the Partnership Questionnaire to input your information and we will contact you shortly.

Partnerships offer the opportunity for everyone to achieve more. We value partnerships and the synergy and leverage they offer. If you feel you can add value to our mission by helping people who are trapped by their mortgage and/or providing high-quality homes to families at a reasonable price, then we would like to hear from you.