The Path From Freedom to Prosperity

Most investors are interested only in purchasing your house at a discount so they can make the most money possible when they resell it. Owner Finance Homes, however, is committed to finding not only the best solution available to your particular situation, but also to helping you work to ensure you will never be in the same situation again.

Owner Finance Homes’ mission statement is: “Partnering with people, we help them achieve full freedom and richness in life.” To fulfill this mission, Owner Finance Homes offers these programs to each of our clients.

Creating Financial Freedom

Financial challenges are one of the primary causes of family stress. It has damaged or destroyed even the best marriages. As we have seen, most options available also can damage your credit and limit your ability to secure new loans, credit cards, or land a new job. Owner Finance Homes’ experienced real estate investors will work with you to find the best option available to you and your situation. We will work diligently to provide you financial freedom from your current challenging situation.

Credit Restoration

After the sale of your house, Owner Finance Homes will connect you with a team of credit restoration specialists. These specialists will work with you to clean up your credit report, giving you the best opportunity for access to new loans and future employment possibilities.

Negotiate Your Consumer Debt

Owner Finance Homes will also introduce you to a team of consumer debt negotiators, who will work with you to eliminate as much of your debt as feasible, in the shortest time possible. They will then negotiate a payment plan, if this option is available to you, that fits your budget so you can repay your remaining debt and realize the opportunity to rebuild your credit with each payment.

Budgets and Plans

The next step on the path is to learn how to manage your money responsibly by developing a budget for you and your family, and then learning how to follow your plan. Owner Finance Homes will introduce you to our financial planner who will work with you to develop your personal budget and financial plan. Together you will plot out your future, working towards always having the money you need for your plans and dreams.

Prosperity Training

Last, and certainly not least, Owner Finance Homes offers all clients the opportunity to attend the free seminar “Changing Your Relationship to Money.” In this seminar, a certified master prosperity teacher will show you how to change your relationship to money so you begin to attract prosperity and wealth into your life instead of financial stress and strife.

Experience has demonstrated that unless people change the way they live, they will continue to encounter the same challenges over and over. Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Helping you clean up your current financial situation, then working with you to change the way you relate to and handle your money going forward, provides the best opportunity for ensuring you will not end up back in the same situation.

At Owner Finance Homes we truly care about you, and we are committed to helping you gain the financial freedom that will lead to your prosperity. These services are part of our commitment to you and are offered on an as-requested basis. And all services, other than the credit restoration and consumer debt negotiation services, are offered without charge.